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Malaysia Towage And Transport Sdn Bhd (MTT) was incorporated on July 13th, 1976 primarily to provide tugboat services to Malaysia Shipyard & Engineering Sdn Bhd.
Initial fleet of 4 Japanese-built ocean going tugboats were acquired by the Company and deployed at Pasir Gudang to assist in the shipyard’s docking, undocking and towing activities.
The tugboats also serve as the initial response team in emergencies including fire fighting, life saving and pollution control within the shipyard as well as neighbouring facilities.

Since then MTT has continuously expanded its horizon and established itself as a major harbour marine services operator in Malaysia with a fleet of 8 tugboats, 2 mooring boats and 5 pilot boats.
The range of services include tug assistance for vessels’ berthing and un-berthing, tug escort, fire fighting, oil spill/pollution control, salvage operation, towing, Pilot Boat, launch services, mooring boat and workboat services.

Throughout the years of operation MTT has made its mark in the industry and is recognized as an independent, reliable and efficient provider of marine services in Malaysia.
The fleet has seen deployment at various ports and terminals such as Pasir Gudang, Sungai Udang Port, Port Dickson, Labuan and Kerteh, providing timely, dependable support services to our business partners.
MTT continuously plan to upgrade its assets and expertise to meet current and future requirements of clients and business partners.
The Company support Malaysia’s aspiration to be a major maritime nation.
MTT shall continue to increase its involvement in the local maritime industry and expand into regional market at every opportunity.

The future direction of the Company is to strengthen its core business in the harbour marine services.
This involves acquisition and operation of highly maneuverable tugboats, improving ship-shore logistics as well as upgrading staff and crew competencies. The Company will increase its presence in this sector in line with advancements of Malaysian ports.

Expansion of the Company’s activity into off-shore support services is being planned to take advantage of the growing oil & gas sector in the region. With over 30 years experience in vessel management and crewing, MTT is well positioned to embark into the off-shore business either through acquisition of assets or in partnership.

Apart from in-house technical expertise, MTT can depend upon the support of its associate, Port Shipyard & Engineering Sdn Bhd, for its new building programs and M&R requirements.


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Authorised: RM25million
Issued and Paid: RM14.9million


Abdul Aziz bin Meor Ngah (Chairman)
Zaidin bin Mohd Yusof
Syed Khalil Syed Mohamad
Syed Murtadha bin Dato' Syed Azman
Abdul Hamid bin Mohamad Nor

Zaidin bin Mohd Yusof
Managing Director / CEO

Syed Murtadha bin Dato' Syed Azman
Finance and Administration

Zailan bin Hassan
Fleet Technical Director

K. Narayanan
Fleet Quality Director

Abdul Rahman Jahya
General Manager Southern Region

Suhaimi Yusof
Director East Coast Operations

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